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Joining the most exclusive network of all time costs nothing and it is completely free. We do not receive any commission at the time of joining or booking, we actually never receive any commission. The cost of the CITYGURU CARD is sustained by the CITYGURU members in order to improve the website, the app and to keep up with the constant evolution of technology, the promotion of our circuit, and consequently of your business.

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We help you to optimize your work, with the presence of excellent customers that love to live their city, when there is not too much work so you can offer interesting discounts.

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Cityguru, through the app and the website, offers a wide range of exclusive and promotional activities to those that want to enjoy the city.

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Yes, really. Cityguru brings you new customers who will know about you because they are the owners of a CITYGURU CARD. They like to browse and they will go to your establishment because you are part of Cityguru. Make them be your regular customers!

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