How long does the Card Cityguru last?
There are different types of Cityguru service subscriptions: 1) Daily Cityguru Card; 2)
Monthly Cityguru Card 3) Annual Cityguru Card 4) Cityguru Milan Pass.

How many times can I use the Cityguru Card?
The Cityguru Card can be used as many times as you like, the days of the week in
which the discount is available.

On which services are the Cityguru discounts applied?
The Cityguru discounts are applied to all services described on the partner's page,
excluding existing promotions.

How do I know the amount of the Cityguru discount?
To find out how much the Cityguru discount is, have a look at the institutional website
or application.

Is the Cityguru Card transferable?
The Cityguru card is not transferable, it is personal.

Do I need to book before I can take advantage of the Cityguru discount?
With Cityguru there is no need for reservation.

Do I need to tell the Cityguru partner that I have the Card when I get inside the

Absolutely not! You have to inform that you own the Cityguru card only at the time of

How do I know about the new Cityguru partners?
1) Check the institutional website or application, have a look at the "Most recent"
2) Follow our social channels: Facebook, twitter and Instagram.
3) By an internal newsletter.

Where can I buy my Cituguru Card?
The Cityguru card can only be purchased online.

In partner restaurants, is the Cityguru discount only applicable to the Cardholder or
to all the people sitting at the table?

The Cityguru’s discount is always guaranteed on the total amount to be paid. In
partner restaurants, it is valid for all people sitting at the table. The account must be
paid by the Cardholder.

In partner restaurants, are drinks included in the Cityguru discount?
Beverages are included in the Cityguru discount.

In partner restaurants, is the covered included in the Cityguru discount?
the covered is included in the Cityguru discount.

In partner restaurants, is the Cityguru discount also applied to fixed menus?
The Cityguru discount excludes fixed, tourist and promotional menus.

In partner restaurants, once you have asked the bill, can each diner pay their own
amount using the Cityguru discount?

The Cityguru discount is only valid for the Cardholder, so only the Cardholder can pay
the bill using the discount.