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The Santagostino Medical Centre is a network of full specialist clinics that was created to meet the growing demand for a high-level specialized medicine at low prices.
The Santagostino Medical Centre guarantees you: 1) expertise and experience of the specialists and the use of advanced medical equipment; 2) extensive medical offer that covers over 40 specialties; 3) rapidity in getting the desired appointment time: depending on the type of the desired performance and the choice of the branch, the Santagostino Medical Centre is able to offer appointments within 3-7 days in most cases; 4) a visit length which is adequate for a good diagnosis and for fostering a relationship of listening and trust between doctor and patient; 5) the possibility to choose the professional and to maintain a continuos therapeutic relationship with them; 6) prices which are lower by about 50% than in the whole private health care sector; 7) convenient appontment times and evening appointments.

Doctor's office, Outpatient Clinic
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