Terms and Conditions

It is mandatory to read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy set out below before proceeding with the purchase.

Cityguru is a provider of a subscription service which lets the subscribers access the Cityguru services. The Cityguru service is provided by Cityguru s.r.l.s., a simplified limited liability company under Italian law. The present Terms and Conditions regulate the use of our services by the users.

Art. 1 The Cityguru Card is a personalized discount card issued by Cityguru S.r.l.s. company, headquartered in Milan, Viale Corsica 83.

Art. 2 By purchasing the Cityguru Card through the website or the application, you confirm to have the legal capacity to enter binding contracts and to be at least 18 years old. The users who have less than 18 years old can use the service only with the approval of a parent or a legal guardian.

Art. 3 Once the card is purchased the client will not be allowed to modify online the information provided. Nevertheless, if it is necessary to make a change (for example the home address where the Card will be sent to), the client may send an e-mail to the address info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)www.cityguru.com with ref.: “Personal Details Modification”.

Art.4 Free trial: a Cityguru subscription may start with a free trial. The period of the free trial of the subscription is one month unless otherwise noted during the registration or in a special agreement, and it is designed to allow new subscribers and some former subscribers to try our service. Cityguru determines in its sole discretion the eligibility to the free trial and may limit the application of it to prevent any misuse. We have the right to revoke the free trial of any user and suspend their accounts if we determine that the user is not eligible for the free trial. In order to verify this kind of eligibility, we may use such information as the ID of the device and the email address associated with a current or recently activated Cityguru subscription. At the end of the free trial period the subscription fee would not be charged. The expiry date of the free trial period will be visible directly on the digital Cityguru Card on the smartphone.

Art.5 Milan Pass subscription: Cityguru Milan Pass Card. The Milan Pass subscription consists in a fee which is charged only once (one-time payment). The Cityguru Milan Pass Card is valid for 14 days from the moment of its purchase. Unless otherwise agreed, the Cityguru Milan Pass Card includes a free Tourist MuseumCard. Besides the digital Card that you will find in our mobile app, there is a physical Tourist MuseumCard which gives access to the civic museums of Milan. The details of the Cityguru Milan Pass subscription can be found on our website by clicking on “Access” button which is situated on the top of the pages of the Cityguru website, right under the name of the profile.

Art.6 Monthly subscription: monthly digital Cityguru Card is available on smartphone. The Cityguru subscription will be renewed each month unless cancelled. Unless the client cancels the subscription before the due date of the monthly fee, we are authorized to charge the subscription fee of the next month. The details of the Cityguru subscription can be found on our website by clicking on “Access” button which is situated on the top of the pages of the Cityguru website, right under the name of the profile.

Art.7 Annual subscription: annual digital Cityguru Card. The Annual Cityguru Card is available in digital and tangible forms. The annual subscription consists in a fee which is charged only once (one-time payment). The annual Cityguru Card is valid for 12 months from the moment of its purchase. Unless differently agreed, the annual Cityguru Card comprises both a digital version available on smartphone and a tangible version. The details of the Cityguru subscription can be found on our website by clicking on “Access” button which is situated on the top of the pages of the Cityguru website, right under the name of the profile.

Art. 8 The client who purchases the Cityguru Card has the right to cancel the subscription, without any penalty and without giving any reason, within a 15 day cooling-off period starting from the day he/she received the confirmation e-mail of the purchase. In order to cancel the subscription, it is necessary to inform the Cityguru company in writing, by sending an email to the address info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)www.cityguru.com with ref.: “Cancellation”, followed by the “purchase order number”, or via registered mail with a return receipt to the address: Cityguru S.r.l.s., Viale Corsica 83, 20133 – Milan. If the client exercises the cancellation right within the cooling-off period (15 days from the day he/she received the purchase confirmation e-mail), he or she will be entitled to a refund of the amount spent. Any cancellation requests put forward beyond the cooling-off period will not be considered as validly exercised and will not give rise to refunds.

Art. 9 Once the written cancellation request is received, the Cityguru S.r.l.s. will contact the consumer in order to obtain his/her bank account details and to proceed with the bank transfer of the amount paid. The amount paid with the deduction of operating costs will be transferred to the client’s bank account within 30 days.

Art. 10 If the client has a promotional code, the applicable discount will be indicated at the moment of payment.

Art. 11 Payment for Cityguru subscription is done in-app.

Art. 12 The annual Cityguru Card is valid for 12 months. The cost of the Card is valid throughout the validity period at no extra charge. A few weeks before the expiration date, the card holder will receive an email at the previously provided email address, reminding them of the upcoming expiration date and the possibility of renewing the purchase. In case of the change of the personal details over the 12 months, the client should send us the new details via e-mail at info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)www.cityguru.com with ref.: “Profile Modification”.

Art.13 The Tourist MuseumCard, a gift provided by the Cityguru Srls company to those who purchase the Cityguru Milan Pass, lasts for 3 days and entitles the purchaser to one entry to every civic museum in Milan and activates with the first entrance.

Art.14 The museum card, the Duomo ticket and the daily ATM ticket, come as a present with the subscription to the Cityguru Milan Pass, you can pick up at the Mannelli’s newsstand, located in Piazza Duomo in front of the Campari Bar at the entrance to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, by showing the Cityguru Milan Pass active subscription.

Art. 15 The Cityguru Card is not transferable.

Art.16 Billing: The subscription fee for the Cityguru service and any charges related to the use of the service, for example, taxes and possible transaction fees, will be charged according to the chosen subscription plan (Milan Pass, monthly, annual) on the day corresponding to the start of the pay period of your subscription. In some cases, the payment date may vary, for example in the case in which the payment is not successful. If the payment is unsuccessful, for example due to the lack of funds or for any other reason, we may suspend the client’s access to the service until the amount due is paid. The subscription to Cityguru is made by using a third party as a payment method; you will be able to find information for the billing of your Cityguru monthly subscription also by logging into your account with that third party.

Art.17 Cancellation of a monthly subscription : the client will be able to cancel their monthly Cityguru subscription in any moment and will still have the access to the Cityguru service till the end of the monthly billing period. To the extent permitted by law, the payments are not refundable. We do not make refunds or grant credits for partially used monthly subscription periods. If the client has registered on the Cityguru website by using his account with a third party as a payment method and he/she would like to cancel their monthly subscription Cityguru, he/she would have to cancel the monthly subscription by that third party, for example, by logging in the settings of the account with that third party and by turning off the auto-renewal option or the Cityguru service by means of that third party. The billing information on the monthly Cityguru subscription can also be found by logging on to the account with that third party. If the client cancels their monthly subscription, their personal account will be automatically closed at the end of the current billing period.

Art.18 Price Changes and service plans: we will have the right to modify our service plans and the price of our service periodically. However, any price or service plan change will take effect 30 days after the date of the notification that we will send to our clients.

Art. 19 Terms and conditions of use: 1) the Cityguru Card can be requested by both individuals and companies/professionals; 2) the Cityguru Card holder is entitled to receive discounts from other facilities that have an agreement with Cityguru S.r.l.s. The facilities can mandate additional conditions for the allocation of the discount (for example: a period of the year when this discount is not applicable; season sales or items not subject to the agreement); 3) the Cityguru Card must be presented when requesting the bill and/or before the tax receipt or invoice issue; 4) the discount is applied on the prices of the official price list of the agreed facilities (e.g., in the food category, fixed or promotional menus are not included in the Cityguru discounts, except for different specifications quoted on the webpage of the Restaurant); 5) the holder of the Cityguru Card has the right to obtain available and updated discounts on the services of the facilities that have joined the network on the website www.cityguru.com and on the Cityguru Card application. The facilities that joined the Cityguru network and the discounts that vary for each business, form an integral part of the current regulations and are constantly updated; 6) Even though not specifically indicated by the affiliate facilities, the benefits resulting from the use of the Card cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or promotions, unless differently specified by the agreed facility; 7) for Cityguru’s Annual card and for the Cityguru Milan Pass card there is no automatic renewal constraint; 8) despite their association, the Cityguru company and the agreed facilities act on their own and independently. The facilities joining the initiative are bound by contract to participate in the offer. If the Cityguru Card is not accepted by some facilities for the reasons not connected to limitations stated in the hereby Terms and Conditions, Cityguru S.r.l.s. will not be held liable for not providing the service; 9) The participating facilities will not accept expired, photocopied or screenshot Cityguru Cards; 10) The Cityguru discounts can be applied only by showing the personal card when requesting the bill and/or before the tax receipt or invoice issue. The affiliate facility will not apply the discount to those who do not show the Cityguru card; 11) The Cityguru Card does not have a monetary value, it cannot be exchanged for money and cannot be transferred to a third party.

Art.20 Password and Access to the Account: the subscriber who has created a Cityguru account and whose method of payment is being charged, has the access to the Cityguru account and controls its settings and compatible devices, 2 devices, which are used to access the service. In order to preserve the control of the account and to prevent the access of the third parties to it, and thus the access to the account history, the account holder must maintain the control of the Cityguru compatible devices which he or she uses to access to the service and must not disclose their password or the details of the payment method associated with their account to anyone. It is subscriber’s responsibility to update the data which he or she provides us with regarding their account and to ensure their correctness. We will have the right to close or suspend the subscriber’s account in order to protect their personal data, Cityguru itself, our clients and our partners against identity thefts or other fraudulent activities.

Art. 21 Cityguru S.r.l.s. excludes liability for any losses, damages or personal accidents of any kind whatsoever suffered from the hands of participating partners; Cityguru shall not be liable for any problems deriving from the quality or availability of the partners joining the network;

Art. 22 Cityguru S.r.l.s. reserves the right to amend or replace the participating partners, provided that the same or higher level of offer is honored.

Art. 23 Cityguru S.r.l.s. shall not be liable for the content of news or information (written or verbal) not coming directly from Cityguru S.r.l.s.

Art. 24 It is at Cityguru S.r.l.s.’ own discretion to amend these regulations; such amendments will go into effect after 30 days after being communicated on the website www.cityguru.it.

Art. 25 Any claims, legal proceeding or litigation related to the execution, resolution or interpretation of these regulations shall be resolved by the Foro di Milano.